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Tranvía Route

The Tranvía is Cuenca’s streetcar system that crosses the city from southwest to the northeast.  The trains are clean and modern, and the ride is smooth.  The closest stops to the condominium are as follows:

  • Southwest bound:  Mariscal Lamar y Padre Aguirre
  • Northeast bound:  Gran Colombia y Padre Aguirre

You can take the Tranvía to several useful places, including:

  • Airport
  • Bus terminal (Terminal Terrestre)
  • Feria Libre market
  • 3 de Noviembre market
  • Gringolandia (residential area popular with gringos)

You can see the route map here:

Tranvía Fare

The Tranvía fare is $0.35.  There are discounted fares for students and senior citizens with a cédula.  The Tranvía does not accept cash.  You must use a rechargeable transit card.

We have two Tranvía cards which you can recharge and use during your stay.  Please return the bus cards at the end of your stay.  If you have more than two people, you will need to purchase additional cards.

You can also purchase cards at the ETAPA office at the corner of Gran Colombia and Tarqui.  A Tranvía card costs $1.75 and you can fill it up with however much you want.

Riding the Tranvía

Before boarding the Tranvía, you must tap the Tranvía card on the fare machine.  The fare machine will display your remaining balance after deducting the fare.  You can add money to your card using the fare machines.  The fare machine will not allow you to add money to the card if the balance exceeds the fare for two rides.