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Dining Out

Tipping in Restaurants

Better restaurants add a 10% service charge onto your check (along with IVA tax).  No need to add an additional tip, unless the service has been exceptional, and in that case, you can add a dollar or two to show your appreciation.  Economical establishments do not usually add any service charge, and a small tip or rounding up is always appreciated.

Restaurant Schedule

Finding restaurants open on Sunday can be a challenge, especially for dinner.  Some restaurants do open on Sunday for lunch, but restaurants open for Sunday dinner are few.  A number of the restaurants that do open on Sunday night are hotel restaurants. 

Many restaurants are also closed on Monday, especially those which open on Sunday.  Almost all restaurants are open Tuesday through Saturday.

Restaurants Open on Sunday

Bistro Yaku Lunch
Bogati Lunch
Bonsai Sushi Lunch – Dinner
Café Austria Lunch – Dinner
Café de Ñucallacta Lunch
Capitán & Co. Lunch
Casa Alonso Lunch – Dinner
Casa del Barranco Lunch
La Chichería Lunch
Chocolatería Dos Chorreras Lunch – Dinner
Chula Birria Lunch
La Cofradía Lunch
Common Grounds Lunch – Dinner
El Confesionario Lunch
Cuchi Suco BBQ Pit Lunch
Don Colón Lunch – Dinner
Dot.House Lunch
La Enfrijolada Lunch
Fabiano’s Pizzería Lunch – Dinner
Filippo Wine Cheese & Bread Lunch
Golden Prague Pub Lunch – Dinner
Guajibamba Lunch
Hotel Santa Lucía Lunch – Dinner
Inca Bar & Lounge Lunch
El Jardín Lunch – Dinner
Jazz Society Café Lunch
Jodoco Belgian Brew Lunch – Dinner
Kolo Restaurant & Bakery Lunch
Lamian y Café Lunch – Dinner
Mansión Matilde Lunch
Mayu Smokehouse & Bakery Lunch
Mediterráneo Lunch – Dinner
Mi Mamá Coreano Lunch – Dinner
Mocagi-San Sushi Bar Lunch – Dinner
Le Moulin Lunch
Negroni Lunch – Dinner
Ñeke Lunch
Ni Tú Ni Yo Lunch
Noe Sushi Bar Lunch
Nómadas Bistró Lunch
El Nopal Lunch
Origami Japanese Kitchen Lunch
Paradise Indian Lunch – Dinner
Parrilladas La Herradura Lunch
El Pedregal Azteca Lunch
Le Petite Jardin Lunch – Dinner
Pizzo Tr3s (Tres) Lunch – Dinner
Punjabi Rasoi Lunch – Dinner
Queso te sirva de exp./td> Lunch
Raymipampa Lunch – Dinner
Resto Maple Lunch – Dinner
Roll-It Lunch – Dinner
Rosée Dip & Drink Lunch
La Salumeria Lunch – Dinner
San Sebas Café Lunch
SAUJA Bistro Lunch
Simple Cocina Creativa Lunch
Sofy Glocal Cuisine Lunch – Dinner
Sunrise Café Lunch
Ta’Lico Cuisine Lunch – Dinner
La Tapita Española Lunch
La Taquería Lunch
TarTar Lunch
Thai Connection Lunch
Thai Lotus Lunch – Dinner
TPasta Lunch
Trattoria Murano Lunch – Dinner
Tres Estrellas Lunch
Tutto Freddo Lunch – Dinner
La Yunta Lunch
Zircus Restaurant Lunch – Dinner

Restaurants Open on Monday

Le Bistro Lunch – Dinner
Bogati Lunch – Dinner
Bonsai Sushi Lunch – Dinner
Café Austria Lunch – Dinner
Café de Ñucallacta Lunch – Dinner
Capitán & Co. Lunch – Dinner
Casa Alonso Lunch – Dinner
Chocolatería Dos Chorreras Lunch – Dinner
La Cofradía Lunch – Dinner
Common Grounds Lunch – Dinner
Cuchi Suco BBQ Pit Lunch – Dinner
Curú Lunch
Don Colón Lunch – Dinner
Dot.House Lunch – Dinner
La Esquina Lunch – Dinner
Fabiano’s Pizzería Lunch – Dinner
Fleurette Lunch
Golden Prague Pub Lunch – Dinner
Good Affinity Lunch
Guajibamba Lunch – Dinner
Hotel Santa Lucía Lunch – Dinner
Inca Bar & Lounge Lunch
ITA – Cocina Diversa Lunch – Dinner
El Jardín Lunch – Dinner
Jodoco Belgian Brew Lunch – Dinner
Kolo Restaurant and Bakery Lunch
LaMaría Lunch – Dinner
Lamian y Café Lunch – Dinner
Mangiare Bene Lunch – Dinner
Marea Cuenca Pizzería Lunch
El Mercado Lunch – Dinner
El Mesón Español Lunch
Mi Mamá Coreano Lunch – Dinner
Mocagi-San Sushi Bar Lunch – Dinner
Moliendo Café Lunch
Noe Sushi Bar Lunch – Dinner
Negroni Lunch – Dinner
Origami Japanese Kitchen Lunch – Dinner
Paradise Indian Restaurant Lunch – Dinner
Parrilladas La Herradura Lunch – Dinner
La Pizza de Juanja Dinner
Pizzo Tr3s (Tres) Lunch – Dinner
Punjabi Rasoi Lunch – Dinner
Queso te sirva de exp./td> Lunch – Dinner
Raymipampa Lunch – Dinner
Resto Maple Lunch – Dinner
Roll-It Lunch – Dinner
La Salumeria Lunch – Dinner
San Sebas Café Lunch
El Santo Lunch – Dinner
Sinfonía Café Lunch
Sofy Glocal Cuisine Lunch – Dinner
Sunrise Café Lunch
Ta’Lico Cuisine Lunch – Dinner
La Taquería Lunch
Trattoria Murano Lunch – Dinner
Tutto Freddo Lunch – Dinner
Warmikuna Cocina Taller Lunch
Yasu Dinner
La Yunta Lunch
Zatua Miski Lunch
Zircus Restaurant Lunch – Dinner

Restaurant Descriptions


Great international food, with a mix of North American, European, and Ecuadorian food.  Filet mignon and seafood are specialties.  They offer a nice selection of cheeses, a rarity in Ecuador.  An extensive list of wines and cocktails.  They can get crowded later, so reservations are a good idea.  This is not the place for someone in a hurry, so be prepared to spend the evening enjoying your food.

Open Wednesday – Saturday.

Doce de Octubre y Gonzalo Pizarro.  Tel. 098-789-0649
https://www.facebook.com/anubiscuenca   (use Facebook page, regular website is unsafe)

Le Bistro

Nice little French bistro located in the courtyard next to the new cathedral.  They have both indoor and outdoor seating.  Charming atmosphere and a pleasant place to have lunch.  They offer tasty crepes and baguette sandwiches.  The crème brûlée is amazing.

Open Monday – Saturday.

Seminario San Luis, next to the New Cathedral at Parque Calderón.  Tel. 099-556-5797

Bistro Yaku

Located in the patio/garden of the Yakumama Hostel, the Bistro Yaku serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  The menu is contemporary, with beautifully prepared and delicious gourmet food.  The quality of the food is outstanding.  The ambiance is relaxing.  This hidden treasure is a must try.  They sometimes offer live music.

Open Tuesday – Sunday/lunch.

Luis Cordero 5-66 y Honorato Vásquez (inside Hostal Yakumama).  Tel. 07-283-4353


If you want to try something different, stop by Bogtai, an ice cream shop chain that specializes in ice cream with cheese.  It is a one-of-a-kind treat.

Open Monday – Sunday/lunch.

Calle Larga y Benigno Malo.  Tel. 096-701-6423

Bonsai Sushi

Asian fusion restaurant that is much more than just sushi.  The Peruvian-style ceviche and the tartare dishes are delicious.  They offer a wide variety of creative sushi rolls.  The food in general is quite tasty.  The restaurant features a full bar.

Open Monday – Sunday/dinner.

Los Álamos 3-43 y Arrayán.  Tel. 099-284-9419

Café Austria

Charming little European style café with German food.  Popular with the expat community.  Provides an English language newspaper to read.

Open Monday – Sunday/dinner.

Corner of Hermano Miguel 8-81 y Simón Bolívar.  Tel. 07-284-0899

Café Libre

Fresh and tasty vegetarian/vegan food.  Located just one block east of Universidad de Azuay.  If you are vegan, vegetarian, or just enjoy fresh vegetarian food, this spot is a must.  The produce is so fresh, the dishes are creative, and the environment is relaxing.

Open Friday – Saturday.

Calle del Chirote y Los Cisnes.  Tel. 099-864-9328

Café de Ñucallacta

Great little café with excellent artisan Ecuadorian coffee.  Nice breakfast and lunch, with a tasty selection of cakes, cookies, and brownies.  Good high-speed Wi-Fi and a pleasant environment makes it the perfect place to relax and chat.  You can purchase whole or ground coffee beans to take home.

Open Monday – Sunday/lunch.

Hermano Miguel 5-62, between Honorato Vásquez y Juan Jaramillo.  Tel. 096-311-4958
Second location: Casa Asvoria at Plaza Otorongo

Capitán & Co.

Tiny restaurant that serves the best seafood in town.  The quality and freshness of the seafood is fantastic.  There are also dishes for non-seafood lovers to enjoy.

Open Monday – Tuesday, Thursday – Sunday/lunch.

Tomás Ordóñez 6-76 y Presidente Córdova.  Tel. 099-688-9993

Casa Alonso

Gourmet restaurant with impeccable service.  Gorgeous dining room located in the elegant Mansión Alcázar.  They use only prime beef from Argentina, so unlike local beef, the steaks are good.  There are also lots of seafood and vegetarian choices.  The duck is very highly recommended.  This restaurant is very pricy.

Open Monday – Sunday/dinner.

Simón Bolívar 12-55 y Tarqui.  Tel. 07-282-3889

Casa del Barranco

The restaurant on the rooftop of this hotel has a magnificent view over the Tomebamba river.  The perfect place to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee or a cocktail.  The burgers are quite good.

Open Tuesday – Sunday/lunch.

Calle Larga 8-41 y Luis Cordero.  098-307-2248

La Chichería

Modern Ecuadorian food (nouvelle cuisine).  Scrumptious food made from fresh local ingredients with a beautiful presentation.  This amazing place is a true gem, and not to be missed.  The menu is only in Spanish.

Open Wednesday – Sunday/lunch.

Av. 12 de Abril y Del Farol (between Del Farol and San Roque).   Tel. 099-859-1505

Chocolatería Dos Chorreras

Very popular chocolate and coffee shop.  At times, there may be a short line to get a table.  This place is a chocolate lover’s dream.  Scrumptious crepes, waffles, ice cream, churros, specialty desserts, and much more.  They even have hot chocolate with whiskey.  Connected to the Dos Chorreras Hostería near the Cajas National Park.  This is a must try experience.

Open Monday – Sunday/dinner.

Simón Bolívar 10-09 y Padre Aguirre.

Chula Birria

Excellent Mexican restaurant, specializing in birria, which is Mexican slow-cooked meat.  The ingredients are high quality, and it is authentic Mexican food and not Tex-Mex.  The restaurant is clean, and the dishes are delicious.  If you like Mexican food, this place is a real treat.

Open Tuesday – Sunday/lunch.

PAv. Francisco Moscoso 5-31 y Jacinto Flores (junto al puente de la Universidad del Azuay).  Tel. 098-376-0304

La Cofradía

Very nice pub and restaurant located right next to the San Francisco Plaza.  The service is great, and the staff is extremely friendly.  They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  The restaurant is beautifully decorated.  They have a nice selection of beers, and the bartender makes good cocktails.

Open Monday – Sunday/lunch.

Presidente Córdova 10-33 y Padre Aguirre.  Tel. 099-874-3058

Common Grounds Sports Bar & Grill

Sports bar and grill, which is very popular with expats.  They offer events, such as live music and trivia nights.  The menu includes a variety of American and Mexican dishes, such as burgers, sandwiches, salads, nachos, and fish and chips.

Open Monday – Sunday/dinner.

Eduardo Crespo Malo y Gran Colombia, Edificio Terra, second floor.  098-107-9406

El Confesionario

Deliciously prepared food in a lovely atmosphere.  Located inside the San Luis Seminario plaza, on the second floor.  They offer outside seating on the balcony, overlooking the cathedral and the plaza.  Great place to relax and have some coffee, and a tasty breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Open Wednesday – Sunday/lunch.

Benigno Malo & Simón Bolívar (San Luis Seminario plaza next to cathedral, across from Parque Calderón).  Tel. 099-579-5891

Cooking with Rey

Authentic Southeast Asian food prepared by Chef Sreymon from Cambodia.  The food is scrumptious.  Without question, this place is a must-try.  The hosts are extraordinarily friendly, and they will make your dining experience a delight.

Reservations are required.  You choose your meal on their website at the time you make the reservation.  This allows them to purchase fresh ingredients from the markets to prepare your meal.  You can also choose the level of spiciness.  Be sure to try the Cambodian dessert, Saku.

Open Wednesday – Saturday.

Coronel Tálbot, near Parque San Sebastián.  Tel. 099-544-3977

Cuchi Suco BBQ Pit

Amazing barbeque restaurant along the side of Parque de la Madre, with outdoor seating in heated tents.  The meat is very tender with tasty barbecue sauces.  The side dishes are delicious, and include corn on the cob, cornbread, coleslaw, and baked beans.  The jalapeño sausage is also quite tasty.

Open Monday – Sunday/lunch.

Av. 12 de Abril y Francisco Talbot (Parque de la Madre).  Tel. 096-301-2222


Outstanding gourmet food at a bargain price.  The menu is a prix fixe menu that changes daily.  The dishes are creative and beautifully presented.  This small, lovely restaurant is located at the Todos Santos church, and has a very cozy atmosphere.  An unforgettable experience.

Reservations are required.  Curú is normally only open for lunch, but they will open for dinner if you make a reservation for a party of 12 or more.

Open Monday – Saturday (lunch only, except for groups of 12 or more).

Calle Larga 4-45 y Mariano Cueva (Iglesia Todos Santos).  099-413-986

Don Colón

Indoor and outdoor seating, right on Parque Calderón.  Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  For lunch, you can order from the menu, or choose from several fixed lunch combinations.  There is sometimes entertainment in the evening.  The wine prices are a bargain for Ecuador.

Open Monday – Sunday/dinner.

Benigno Malo y Mariscal Sucre at Parque Calderón. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Don-Col%C3%B5n/368832299872441

Dos Sucres

A gourmet Ecuadorian restaurant, and hidden gem.  The chef/owner Daniel greets you and explains each dish on his menu which originate from different regions in Ecuador.  Daniel is deeply passionate and enthusiastic about his cuisine.  Unlike any Ecuadorian restaurant you will find in Cuenca.  The quality and the presentation of the dishes are amazing.  A definite must-try restaurant.

Tuesday – Saturday.

Roberto Crespo 3-56 and Luis Moreno Mora, across from Terrace restaurant.  Tel. 098-453-7693


Modern and trendy Japanese sushi house, which is extremely popular with the locals.  The food is quite delicious.  They offer some interesting and scrumptious sushi rolls and poke bowls, as well as sandwiches and other things.  They give you a variety of tasty sauces to go with your dishes.

Monday – Sunday/lunch.

Roberto Crespo 2-17 y Miguel Cordero.  Tel. 07-283-0040

La Enfrijolada

Outstanding Mexican restaurant.  The food is very authentic Mexican, and not Tex-Mex.  One the best Mexican restaurants that you will find in Cuenca.  The ingredients are of high quality, and the flavors are amazing.  Great margaritas.  If you like Mexican food, you won’t want to miss this place.

Open Tuesday – Sunday/lunch.

Francisco Moscoso 4-31 y Rafael Torres.  Tel. 07-281-1404

La Esquina

Small Argentinian restaurant.  Excellent, but reasonably priced.  Many of the menu items are “discos” or disk platters for two people to share.  Portions are huge, and you will not go home hungry.  Open on Monday nights unlike many restaurants.  Although the restaurant has two locations, we recommend the restaurant on Calle Larga.

Open Monday – Saturday.

Calle Larga 5-90 y Hermano Miguel.  Tel. 07-284-5344

Fabiano’s Pizzería

Wonderful pizza and other Italian food.  The pizzas are thin crust, and the medium size pizza is quite large.  The pasta is good, and the portions are generous.  The garlic bread knots are very tasty.  Prices are inexpensive.  Can get terribly busy later on, so you might need to wait on a table if you arrive too late.

Open Monday – Sunday/dinner.

Presidente Córdova 4-84 y Mariano Cueva.  Tel. 099-293-8531

Filippo Wine Cheese & Bread

This wine and cheese shop is also an Italian restaurant serving tasty pizza and pasta.  The offer a nice variety of breads, cheeses, and wines.  Nice location in the courtyard next to the New Cathedral.  A great place to enjoy a bread and cheese platter with some wine.  The pizza is quite scrumptious.

Open Tuesday – Sunday/lunch.

Seminario San Luis, next to the New Cathedral at Parque Calderón.  Tel. 098-382-0645


Small French crepe café.  The menu is limited to crepes and desserts, but the food is quite tasty.  The chef/owner, from Paris, is friendly and knowledgeable.  Located across from the Bistro Yaku.  A bit of France in Cuenca.

Open Monday – Saturday/lunch.

Luis Cordero 5-27 y Honorato Vásquez.  Tel. 096-256-5791

Flora Caffe

Lovely café which is also a bakery, flower shop, and art gallery.  Beautiful atmosphere to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee.  They offer tasty breakfast items, sandwiches, and salads.  The desserts are amazing.

Open Tuesday – Saturday/lunch.

Plaza del Otorongo (next to stairs).  Tel. 099-869-8661

Golden Prague Pub

Great pub and restaurant.  Delightful selection of beers on tap, as well as cocktails.  The menu offers a variety of dishes such as burgers, barbecue, Hungarian goulash, fish and chips, and ravioli.  Be sure to try the Quesos Crocantes appetizer.  Relaxing and fun atmosphere.

Open Monday – Sunday/dinner.

Alfonso Cordero 2-41 y Av. José Peralta.  Tel. 098-458-6070

Good Affinity

Tasty Chinese vegetarian/vegan restaurant.  Perfect place to enjoy a quality vegetarian or vegan lunch.  The food is delicious, and the prices are inexpensive.

Open Monday – Saturday (closed evenings).

Los Capulies1-89 y Gran Colombia.  Tel. 07-283-2469


Cuencanos say that the food in this popular Ecuadorian restaurant is excellent.  You can find traditional Ecuadorian dishes like seco do chivo (goat stew) or cuy (guinea pig).  If you would like cuy, call an hour in advance for prep time.

Open Monday – Sunday/lunch.

Luis Cordero 12-32 y Gaspar Sangurima.  Tel. 07-283-1016

La Guarida

In the mornings, you can enjoy a tasty breakfast or brunch.  At night, they show movies, or have live music performances.  You will have a truly fun evening along with a delicious dinner.  You need to make a reservation for the evening movies or performances.

Open Tuesday – Friday.

Mariscal Lamar 22-23 y Luis Pauta.  Tel. 099-806-8071

Hotel Santa Lucía

Good Italian cuisine, as well as some Ecuadorian dishes, in two restaurants.  Main restaurant is an especially pleasant setting but more expensive.

Open Monday – Sunday/dinner.

Presidente Borrero 8-44 y Mariscal Sucre

Inca Bar & Lounge

Bar and restaurant overlooking the Tomebabma river.  Popular expat gathering place.  The menu offers breakfast items, Mexican dishes, and a variety of tasty burgers.  There is indoor and outdoor seating.  Inside there are televisions showing sporting events.

Open Monday – Sunday/lunch.

Paseo Tres de Noviembre y El Puente Centenario.  Tel. 098-412-1123

ITA – Cocina Diversa

Outstanding gourmet restaurant with a unique menu that is unlike any other.  Many of the dishes feature Asian or Indian fusion.  The flavors are extraordinary, and the dishes have an elegant presentation.  This restaurant is truly a hidden gem, and one of the best in Cuenca.  This restaurant is a must-try.

Open Monday – Saturday.

Federico Proaño 7-91 y Alfonso Moreno Mora.  Tel. 098-448-8127

El Jardín

Old style restaurant with an elegant atmosphere and a great view overlooking the river.  Located downstairs, inside the Victoria Hotel.  The waiters are well-dressed, and the service is good.  The prices are reasonable, although it is certainly not inexpensive by local standards.

Open Monday – Sunday/dinner.

Calle Larga 6-93 y Antonio Borrero (Hotel Victoria).  Tel. 07-282-7401


Delicious handmade pasta and amazing pizzas.  You can choose the type of pasta, including stuffed pasta, as well as the type of sauce, from a list.  Nice atmosphere with a lovely courtyard for outdoor seating.  The offer a selection of artisanal beer.  The desserts and appetizers are yummy, as well.

Open Tuesday – Saturday.

Del Farol y Av. 12 de Abril.  Tel. 098-334-6069

Jazz Society Café

Jazz Society Café is the performance venue of The Jazz Society of Ecuador.  Enjoy tasty a tasty lunch or dinner with live jazz entertainment in the evenings.  The jazz performances are in a small intimate setting and are a lot of fun.  You can order food from the restaurant menu and sip on wine as you enjoy the performance.

Open Tuesday – Sunday.

Los Claveles 203 y Los Cedros.  Tel. 096-322-3377
Reservations: jazzsocietyofecuador@gmail.com

Jodoco Belgian Brew

Excellent craft brewery located at the Plaza San Sebastián.  A wonderful selection of both local craft beers and imported beers.  Great place to relax, enjoy some beer, and people watch.  The menu offers a nice variety of dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and the food is tasty.  If you enjoy beer, you must try this brewery/bistro.

Open Monday – Sunday/dinner.

Calle de San Sebastián y Mariscal Sucre (Parque San Sebastián).  Tel. 097-909-3186

Joes’ Secret Garden

Open only on Saturday nights.  Fixed menu that changes each week.  Located off the beaten path, in a private home that has been converted into a restaurant.  Delicious food and extremely popular with the expat community.  Meal preceded by a social and cocktail hour and a great place to meet people.  Reservations required via their web site

Open Saturday evenings only.

Los Pinos 1-99 y Tres de Noviembre

Kolo Restaurant and Bakery

Delicious breakfast and lunch café located on the second floor of a beautiful old colonial hotel.  One of the tastiest breakfast spots in Cuenca.  The owner, Frank, is very warm and friendly, and he will make you feel at home.  The cinnamon rolls and warm chewy chocolate chip cookies are scrumptious.  Be sure to try the tasty pot pies and the savory soups.  Very popular with the ex-pat community.  The restaurant is pet friendly.

Open Monday, Wednesday – Sunday (breakfast/lunch).

Luis Cordero 5-65 between Juan Jaramillo y Honorato Vázquez (upstairs in Hotel La Vieja).  Tel. 099-297-5789


Tasty upscale organic Ecuadorian cuisine.  Located inside the Casa Yangoe organic market.  Unique gourmet dishes with superb presentation.  They serve some crazy cocktails, with fermented sugar cane.  Free appetizer, homemade bread with a scrumptious topping.  This place is different than you will find anywhere in Cuenca.  This restaurant is a must try.

Open Monday – Saturday.

Benigno Malo 5-16 y Calle Larga, inside Casa Yangoe.  Tel. 098-456-1324

Lamian y Café (Lamian China)

Truly authentic Chinese cuisine, specializing in noodles and dumplings from the Xi’an area of Northern China.  The food here is mouthwatering, and some of the best Chinese food that you will find in Cuenca.  The scrumptious noodles are all hand made.  The staff is very friendly, and they make you feel at home.

This restaurant is also a unique Chinese coffee shop, due to merging with the former Tres Café restaurant.  The handmade coffee is rich and distinctive.  Be sure to try their tasty Chinese dumplings.  The offer a selection of scrumptious desserts which are unlike anything else that you will find in Cuenca.

If you like Chinese food, this restaurant should be at the top of your list.

Open Monday, Wednesday – Sunday/dinner.

Avenida Florencia Estudillo, across from the planetarium in Parque de la Madre, just east of the stadium.  Tel. 098-636-3066


Considered by many to be one of the best Mexican restaurants in Cuenca.  Amazing tacos, both crispy and soft, as well as burritos and other items.  They offer tasty Mexican horchata, and scrumptious nachos covered in cheese.

Open Tuesday – Saturday (evenings only).

Plaza del Otorongo 1-77.  Tel. 093-917-3689

La Madame (Bar)

This beautiful bar is on the second floor of a restored historic mansion, just around the corner from Parque Calderón.  This fascinating bar is one of Cuenca’s best kept secrets.  The bar is divided into several rooms from the original mansion and has some small tables on balconies overlooking the street.  The atmosphere is elegant and impressive.  The perfect place to enjoy a cocktail.  This bar is a must see.

Open Monday – Saturday (evening only).

Benigno Malo y Simón Bolívar (north of Simón Bolívar)

Mangiare Bene

Exceptionally good Italian food at reasonable prices.  Located inside the Hostal Posada del Ángel.  Delicious pasta.  They offer mix and match pastas and sauces.

Open Monday – Sunday/lunch.

Estévez de Toral 8-91 y Simón Bolívar.  Tel. 099-952-8496

Mansión Matilde

This beautiful restaurant is on the second floor of a restored colonial mansion, Casa del Parque, across from Parque Calderón.  The restaurant is divided into several small dining rooms.  They serve a high tea, which is a memorable experience, as well as an elegant dinner with an eclectic menu.

Open Tuesday – Sunday/lunch.

Simón Bolívar 7-79 y Luis Cordero, second floor Casa del Parque.  Tel. 099-503-0935

Marea Cuenca Pizzería

Fantastic thin crust pizza made in a wood oven.  The gorgonzola & fig pizza is awesome.  Good desserts.

Open Monday – Saturday.

Estévez de Toral 8-70 y Simón Bolívar.  Tel. 099-530-9959

Mayu Smokehouse & Bakery

Bar, restaurant, and bakery, near Parque Calderón, with an extensive menu.  Good selection of beers.  The blackberry cinnamon rolls are amazing.

Open Tuesday – Sunday/lunch.

Seminario San Luis, Calle Santa Ana y Benigno Malo, second floor (across from Parque Calderón).  Tel. 098-494-9934


Delicious thin crust pizza made in a brick oven, and Italian food.  A more upscale restaurant, and not inexpensive by local standards.  The owner/chef is from Italy.  Charming atmosphere and ambiance.  The pizza is outstanding, and they have very tasty desserts.

Open Tuesday – Sunday/dinner.

Honorato Vásquez 7-64 y Luis Cordero.  Tel. 07-284-4138

El Mercado

Excellent Mediterranean food in a lovely atmosphere.  The seats near the window have a magnificent view overlooking the river.  The food is delicious, although a bit on the pricy side.  Reservations are recommended.

Open Monday – Saturday.

Calle Larga 8-27 y Luis Cordero.  Tel. 07-282-3089

El Mesón Español

Tasty Spanish/Basque restaurant with great tapas and sangria.  Good place for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  For breakfast, they offer international breakfasts from a variety of countries around the world.  For lunch, you can order an Ecuadorian style “almuerzo”.  The dinner menu offers Spanish dishes and tapas.  They have entertainment two nights a week, and Flamenco dancers once a month.  The owner is from Spain and is very friendly.

Open Monday – Saturday.

Presidente Borrero 7-51 y Presidente Córdova.  Tel. 096-906-2808

Mi Mamá Restaurante Coreano

Korean restaurants are a rarity in Ecuador.  Mi Mamá is a family-owned Korean restaurant, serving authentic Korean, Japanese, and Chinese food prepared by Korean and East Asian chefs, including kimchi, sushi, noodles, rice, soup, dumplings, teppanyaki, porridge and more at reasonable prices.  Try the spicy pork bulgogi.  Open seven days a week, including Sunday dinner.

Open Monday – Sunday/dinner.

Mariscal Sucre 4-70 y Mariano Cueva.  Tel. 099-880-7777

Mocagi-San Sushi Bar

One of the best sushi restaurants in Cuenca.  The sushi is fresh and of high quality.  Nice variety of creative sushi rolls, as well as nigiri sushi and sashimi.  The portions are generous, and the prices are reasonable.  Try the wooden sushi boats, loaded with a combination of sushi-rolls, which you choose from each of several categories.

Open Monday – Sunday/dinner.

Av. 1 de Mayo 1-97 y Av. Solano.  Tel. 099-923-2022

Moliendo Café

Simple Colombian restaurant is an extremely popular lunch spot.  Cheap, but filling, combination lunches.  The hearty arepas (corn pancakes) are a specialty here.  Topped with anything from beans and cheese to slow-cooked pork or meat and guacamole, they go well with a cold beer or coffee.  The salsa is especially tasty.  Run by a friendly Colombian family.

Open Monday – Saturday.

Honorato Vásquez 6-24 y Hermano Miguel.  Tel. 098-487-1569

Le Moulin

Lovely restaurant offering a fusion of Italian, French, and Ecuadorian food.  Located in an old, restored mill, it provides a charming atmosphere.  The food is quite tasty, and they offer a nice selection of cocktails.  When the weather is nice, they offer outdoor seating overlooking the Tomebamba river.  There have live entertainment on Fridays with a cover charge.

Open Tuesday – Sunday/lunch.

Av. 12 de Abril 271, 100 meters from the Puente de El Vado bridge (near the Venue Batán Hotel).  Tel. 098-472-2474


Ecuadorian fine dining and mixology.  Eclectic menu.  Gorgeous views of the city.  Located on the rooftop of the Vatex store across from Parque Calderón.  This restaurant is quite expensive by Ecuadorian standards.

Open Monday – Sunday/dinner.

Simón Bolívar 8-44 y Benigno Malo.  Tel. 098-167-4745


Tasty bakery and café.  The menu is quite unique, and it offers a variety of delicious and creative dishes prepared with fresh ingredients.  The bread and desserts are amazing.  A great place for breakfast and lunch.

Open Wednesday – Sunday/lunch.

Calle Larga 10-7 y Benigno Malo, corner.  Tel. 098-485-2502

Ni Tú Ni Yo

Charming small restaurant serving primarily Italian food.  The restaurant is operated by a very friendly couple, and the dishes are made from delicious recipes of the wife’s Italian mother.  On Sundays only, they serve an amazing Italian skillet breakfast that is unique and so yummy.  The lasagna, a specialty of the house, is outstanding.

Open Wednesday – Sunday/lunch.

Baltazara de Calderón 3-76 y Gran Colombia (west of San Sebastián Plaza).  Tel. 099-985-3891

Noe Sushi Bar

Fine dining for sushi lovers.  This upscale sushi restaurant is not simply a traditional Japanese sushi bar, but rather a new modern fusion style sushi bar.  The menu is very extensive, offering many unique creations.  The presentation is exquisite, and you will find the fish exceptionally fresh.  The food here is wonderful.  Some of the more popular items are the combination platters for two, three, or four people.  This, however, is not a restaurant for bargain hunters.  For many, this is more of a restaurant for special occasions.

Open Monday – Sunday/lunch.

Padre Julio Mottovelle 2-25 y Federico Proano.  Tel. 07-281-2757

Nómadas Bistró

Excellent breakfast and lunch café, almost right next door to the condominium.  The menu offers an interesting variety of tasty dishes.  The food is scrumptious, and the quality is outstanding.  Be sure to try the peach toast with Serrano ham.  The staff is very friendly, and they make you feel at home.  The atmosphere is serene and tranquil.  Some afternoons on the weekend, they offer live entertainment events.

Open Tuesday – Sunday/lunch (closed evenings).

Calle Larga 10-7 y Padre Aguirre.  Tel. 096-298-6352

El Nopal

Charming little Mexican restaurant in a residential neighborhood.  Some of the tastiest Mexican food around, and the best margaritas in town.  The chipotle sauce is delicious.  Good menu selections, although a bit on the pricey side by local standards.

Open Tuesday – Sunday/lunch.

Av. Gonzalo Cordero 4-31 y Agustín Cueva.  Tel. 07-281-0476

Origami Japanese Kitchen and Sushi Bar

Tiny, but excellent, Japanese restaurant and sushi bar.  The sushi is delicious, as is the tempura.  Try the vegetable tempura for a tasty alternative to sushi.  This is not someplace to go when you are in a hurry.  But if you are not in a rush, it is worth the wait.

Open Monday – Sunday/lunch.

Calle Larga 9-34 y Benigno Malo.  Tel. 098-722-6797

Pájaro y Bestia – Bird and Beast

Outstanding barbecue restaurant.  Mouth-watering ribs, pulled pork, chicken, and some Cajun dishes.  The menu changes weekly.  Although they provide barbecue sauce on the side, the ribs are delicious on their own with just the rub.  The cornbread is excellent.  Open only on Friday and Saturday.

Open Friday – Saturday.

Calle Gran Colombia 13-100 y Estévez de Toral.  Tel. 098-321-8273

Paradise Indian Restaurant

Indian cuisine.  The menu has a good variety of dishes, and food is delicious.  The service is great, and the staff is very friendly.  The prices are very reasonable.  Vegetarian options available.

Open Monday – Sunday/dinner.

Federico Malo 1-160 y Tadeo Torres, in front of Parque de la Madre.  Tel. 098-462-8976

Parrilladas La Herradura

Popular steak house that serves huge portions family style.  It is a large restaurant so reservations are not necessary.  Can get a little loud at times.

Open Monday – Sunday/lunch.

Remigio Romero 3-55 y Remigio Crespo.  Tel. 07-288-7540

El Pedregal Azteca

Good, authentic Mexican restaurant, and not Tex-Mex.  Live mariachi bands on the weekend.  Try one of the mole dishes.  The mole sauce is outstanding, made from a family recipe using 25 ingredients.  A bit on the pricey side by local standards.

Open Tuesday – Sunday/lunch.

Estévez de Toral 8-60 y Simón Bolívar, one block from San Sebastian Church.  Tel. 07-282-3652

Le Petite Jardin

Quality fine dining and classical French cuisine in a tranquil country setting.  Located in the San Miguel neighborhood of Cuenca, a 20-minute bus ride from downtown.  Best to call for directions as it is little hard to find.  The owner will send you directions or tell your taxi driver how to get there.  It is worth the trip because the food is truly awesome.  The prices are very reasonable.  Only open on the weekend and reservations are required.

Open Saturday – Sunday/dinner.

San Miguel De Sayausi.  Tel. 07-418-9466, 096-819-1518

La Pizza de Juanja

Awesome pizza restaurant offering some of the best pizza in Cuenca.  Located in the Vergel area.  The pizza crust is thin and crispy.  Pleasant atmosphere with a spacious covered outdoor dining area.  Very popular later in the evening.

Open Monday – Saturday.

Rafael Torres Beltrán y Santiago Carrasco (off Paucarbamba).  Tel. 099-401-5749

Pizzo Tr3s (Tres)

Scrumptious pizza, as well as some pasta and appetizers.  The menu offers a wide variety of pizzas with truly unique and creative combinations of ingredients, which you will not find anywhere else.  The pizza features a sourdough crust.  Considered by some to be their favorite pizza spot.

Open Monday – Sunday/dinner.

Paseo 3 de Noviembre y Escalinata Juana de Oro.  Tel. 099-842-2529

Punjabi Rasoi

Delicious Indian restaurant.  One of the best Indian restaurants in Cuenca.  The flavors of their dishes are amazing.  You can order the dishes to the level of spiciness that you like.  Plenty of vegetarian options.  Be sure to try one of the “Special Punjabi” dishes.  The naan bread is prepared perfectly.  If you like Indian food, you must try this tasty gem.

Open Monday – Sunday/dinner.

Calle Larga 5-48 between Hermano Miguel and Mariano Cueva.  Tel. 099-859-2132

Queso te sirva de experiencia

Excellent Swiss restaurant specializing in raclette and other cheese dishes.  The food is scrumptious, and the menu is unlike any other you will find in Cuenca.  A great place to go for an unparalleled experience when it comes to cheese dishes.  They also serve breakfast.

Open Monday – Sunday/lunch.

Av. Manuel J Calle 1-204 y Av. Cornelio Merchán


Decent local comfort food at reasonable prices.  Food is okay, but not spectacular.  Unbeatable location, beside the new cathedral on Parque Calderón, next to the large Tutto Freddo.  Open 7 days a week, and generally open for late night dining.

Open Monday – Sunday/dinner.

Benigno Malo 8-59, at Parque Calderón.  Tel. 07-283-4159

Resto Maple

Lovely Canadian fine dining restaurant.  The food is tasty, and it has a nice ambiance.  The menu is extensive, and some of the dishes incorporate maple syrup.  The offer a wide selection of wines and liquors.  The staff is friendly, and they provide great service.  Some nights they provide live music.

Open Monday – Sunday/dinner.

C. Gran Colombia 12-22 y Tarqui.  Tel. 098-309-1038


This restaurant, located just two blocks away, features some interesting Japanese Mexican fusion items.  Their specialties are sushi burritos and poké bowls.  The menu also includes classic sushi rolls and ramen.  The maracuyá (passion fruit) sauce, which they provide on the side, is especially delicious.  One of the few restaurants open on Sunday night.

Open Monday – Sunday/dinner.

Calle Larga 8-63, between Benigno Malo and Luis Cordero.  Tel. 098-370-8495

Rosée Dip & Drink

Fine dining in a lovely setting along the riverside.  Located just across the river from our home.  The menu is not extensive, but the food is expertly prepared and delicious.  The offer an extensive wine list.  The prices are high by local standards, but it is worth it if you are not on a budget.

Open Tuesday – Sunday/lunch.

12 de Abril y Agustín.  Tel. 093-937-5090

Sabatino’s Garden

Owned and operated by Mauricio, a Cuencano who graduated from the Chicago Culinary School.  They have good Italian food, and the prices are reasonable.  Just one block west of Otorongo Plaza, with both indoor and outdoor seating.  Open for lunch and dinner.  No need for a reservation.

Open Tuesday – Saturday.

Roberto Aguilar y 3 de Noviembre (one block west from Otorongo Plaza).  Tel. 098-704-2538

La Salumeria

Authentic Italian cuisine prepared by an Italian chef.  Scrumptious homemade pasta al dente, and homemade sausages.  The sauces are made from fresh quality ingredients and are wonderfully spiced.  Delicious pizza with a perfect crust.  Excellent cheeses and balsamic vinegar, which can be hard to find in Cuenca.

Open Monday – Sunday/dinner.

Luis Moreno Mora y Cornelio Merchán.  Tel. 098-763-3506

San Sebas Café

Tasty breakfast and lunch café offering American comfort food.  Excellent food at a great location, on a lovely plaza next to San Sebastian Church.  A nice mix of locals and gringos.  Good coffee with free refills.  Open for breakfast and lunch Wednesday – Sunday.  Extremely popular.  If you get there late on Sunday, you may have to wait for a table.

Open Monday – Sunday/lunch (closed evenings).

San Sebastián 1-94 y Mariscal Sucre.  Tel. 07-284-3496

El Santo

Good Mexican food at very reasonable prices.  The burritos, tacos, and chipotle sauce are delicious.0 The make great margaritas, as well.  The chef is from Mexico City.  Fun atmosphere with the decorations on the wall.  The service is great, and the staff is very friendly.  It is easy to walk past this small restaurant without even noticing it.  Located just a block from the condominium.

Open Monday – Saturday.

Calle Larga 9-82, entre calle Benigno Malo y Padre Aguirre.  Tel. 099-274-7145

SAUJA Bistro

Outstanding fine dining restaurant, one of Cuenca’s best.  The food is exquisite and beautifully presented.  The atmosphere is lovely, and the service is top notch.  Their specialty cocktails on the mixology menu are amazing.  Each has a different elegant presentation, and they serve them covered in a glass dome filled with mist.  If you like fine dining, you must try this place for a wonderful experience.

Open Tuesday – Sunday/lunch.

Paseo de los Cañaris y Cacique Chaparra (corner), across from La Taberna.  Tel. 098-493-3863

Seiva Rooftop

Rooftop restaurant, near Parque Calderón, with beautiful views overlooking the city center.  The food is outstanding with beautiful presentation.  The menu includes sushi, tapas, burgers, steaks, and more.  The tapas are amazing, and the portions are larger than you would expect for tapas.  Great cocktails.

Open Tuesday – Saturday.

Mariscal Sucre 7-70 y Luis Cordero.  Tel. 099-907-3181

Simple Cocina Creativa

Outstanding burger restaurant, offering some of the best burgers in Cuenca.  These mouthwatering burgers are large and covered with delicious combinations of fresh ingredients.  The also offer some other sandwiches such as pulled pork, shrimp, and chicken.  On some days, they offer a scrumptious selection of ceviche.  Prices are a little high by Ecuadorian standards, but well worth it.

Open Tuesday – Sunday/lunch.

Carlos Veintimilla y Pasaje Paucarbamba (next to fiscalía).  Tel. 098-392-1829

Sinfonía Café

Superb coffee shop, offering the best coffee you will find in Cuenca.  The coffee beans are roasted on-site from the finest coffee beans.  Scrumptious brownies and cheesecake.  Located near the stadium and behind Parque de la Madre.

Open Monday – Saturday.

Federico Malo 1-265 (Between Tadeo Torres and Florencia Astudillo).  Tel. 099-891-9222

Sofy Glocal Cuisine

Small eclectic restaurant offers a tasty menu.  They frequently offer a special theme dinner from different parts of the world, on Wednesday nights.  The dishes, prepared from fresh ingredients, are excellent.  They also make great cocktails.  The owner and staff are extremely friendly, and they make you feel at home.  The restaurant is pet friendly.

Open Monday – Sunday/dinner.

Simón Bolívar 7-79 y Luís Cordero (enfrente de Parque Calderón).  Tel. 096-420-4321

Sunrise Café

Delicious breakfast and lunch café located just one block from the condo.  This little gem serves one of the best breakfasts in Cuenca, and is very reasonably priced.  A nice mix of locals and ex-pats.  Try the Spanish or Greek omelets, or the stuffed French toast.  Good coffee with free refills.

Open Monday – Sunday/lunch (closed evenings).

Calle Larga 9-40 y Benigno Malo.  Tel. 07-284-0423

Ta’Lico Cuisine

Authentic Szechuan food, and one of the best Chinese restaurants in Cuenca.  This is not the typical Ecuadorian-style Chinese food that you find in the chifas.  It is difficult to find good Chinese food in Ecuador, and this one of the select few in Cuenca.

Open Monday – Sunday/dinner.

Av. Ordóñez Lasso 6-117 y Los Olivos, across from Hotel Oro Verde.  Tel. 099-114-0201

La Tapita Española

Spanish restaurant specializing in paella and tapas.  The prices are reasonable, and the food is delicious and high quality.  Be sure to try the paella and some Spanish wine or sangría.

Open Wednesday – Sunday/lunch (closed evenings).

Luis Morno Mora y Paucarbamba.  Tel. 099-556-6443

La Taquería

Very tasty Mexican food at a reasonable price.  The service is good, and the restaurant has a nice atmosphere.  The restaurant is immensely popular and can get quite busy.  Try the “Tacos al Pastor”, which contain grilled pork in a delicious sauce and pineapples.

Open Monday – Sunday/lunch (closed evenings).

Imbabura 5-49 y Cotopaxi, across from Parque de La Paz.  Tel. 099-891-8692


Ecuadorian and international food.  The staff is very friendly, and the restaurant has a lovely atmosphere.  The food and cocktails are quite good.

Open Tuesday – Sunday/lunch.

Benigno Malo 5-95 y Juan Jaramillo (corner).  Tel. 098-788-7138

Thai Connection

Good Thai food, conveniently located in el centro.  Operated by a man and his wife, who is from Thailand.  Everything is made with fresh ingredients and is full of flavor.

Open Tuesday – Sunday/lunch.

Honorato Vásquez 6-39 y Hermano Miguel.  Tel. 098-704-6607

Thai Lotos

Scrumptious Thai food, and the best in Cuenca.  The chef/owner from Thailand.  The menu offers a nice variety of luscious and authentic Thai dishes.  The presentation is elegant, and the chef carves beautiful flowers and decorations from radishes, carrots, and other edible items.

You can have them adjust the spice level to your taste.  Everything is made with fresh ingredients.  If you like Thai food, you must try this restaurant.

Open Tuesday – Sunday/dinner.

Paucarbamba 1-114 y De Las Retamas


Fine Ecuadorian dining, but it is one of the more expensive restaurants in town.  The food is unbelievably delicious, so it is worth the price.  Try the tasting menus.  The meals are served with an assortment of tasty sauces.  The waiter will explain each of the sauces and recommend which ones go best with each dish.  Each dessert plate is hand-painted with a beautiful drawing using fruit syrups before plating the food.  The service is impeccable, and the food is simply amazing.  It is very popular with both locals and tourists.  Reservations are required well in advance.

Open Tuesday – Saturday.

Juan Jaramillo 4-89 y Mariano Cueva. Tel. 07-283-5310


Delicious upscale Italian restaurant, specializing in dishes from the Tuscany area of Italy.  Scrumptious high-quality dishes.  The atmosphere is first class.  The chef/owner is from Italy and has worked in Michelin star restaurants in Shanghai.

Open Tuesday – Sunday/lunch.

Roberto Crespo y Manuel Farfan (corner).  Tel. 099-838-6104

Trattoria Murano

Italian restaurant, located across from Parque Calderón, on the bottom floor of the Casa Firenza Hotel.  Fresh and high-quality pasta and pizza.  Scrumptious food, excellent service, and friendly staff.

Open Monday – Sunday/dinner.

Simón Bolívar 8-56 y Benigno Malo, Casa Firenza Hotel, across from Parque Calderón.  Tel. 07-282-2340

Tres Estrellas

Ecuadorian restaurant famous for cuy (guinea pig).  Decorated with antiques like singer sewing machines, old radios, cameras, and vintage tools.  If you would like to try cuy, you should either make an advance reservation or else stop by and order it an hour in advance, to allow for prep time.  One cuy can be shared between two people.

Open Tuesday – Sunday/lunch.

Calle Larga 1-174.  Tel. 07-282-2340

Tutto Freddo

One of the best places in Cuenca to go for ice cream, a sundae, or a milk shake.  All sorts of interesting ice cream creations.  Excellent tres leches cake and other tasty desserts.  They also serve meals, but ice cream and desserts are the big attraction.  Located right on Parque Calderón, it is wildly popular and busy, so sometimes there might be a wait for a table.

Open Monday – Sunday/dinner.

Benigno Malo & Simón Bolívar at Parque Calderón.

Warmikuna Cocina Taller

This restaurant serving gourmet Ecuadorian food is also a cooking school, where you can enroll in cooking classes if you like.  Eclectic menu offering a variety of tasty dishes.  The ceviche is amazing.  The service is great, and chef and staff are very friendly.  This is a must-try restaurant.

Open Monday – Saturday/lunch.

Hermano Miguel 5-42 y Honorato Vásquez.  Tel. 099-884-0979


Amazing gourmet dining and wonderful culinary experience.  This restaurant is one of Cuenca’s best-kept secrets.  The restaurant is located in Chef Yasu’s home, and he has no website and does no advertising.  This restaurant is one of my personal favorites.

Yasu now prepares dinners by advance request only, and only for groups of six or more.  The menu can be tailored to your wishes.

The dinners are normally six-course prix-fixe menu.  Every dish is beautifully presented, and the flavors are luscious.  The prices are quite reasonable, and you can bring your own wine with no corkage fee.

Open Monday – Saturday.

Ricardo Darquea Granda 292 y Manuel Galarza.  Tel. Tel. 098-181-2049
Email: yasuandgio@gmail.com

La Yunta

Large restaurant in a lovely semi-rural atmosphere.  The menu includes traditional Ecuadorian dishes, plus an assortment of other choices.  Next to the dining area, they offer handmade furniture, arts and crafts, honey, wine, and a variety of other foodstuffs for sale.  Very popular with local families.

Open Monday – Sunday/lunch.

Av. 1 de Mayo entre Av. Las Americas y Fray Gaspar de Carvajal.  Tel. 07-405-6366

Zarza Brewing

Tasty Tex-Mex food and delicious craft beers.  They also offer hamburgers and sandwiches, but Tex-Mex is their specialty.  The soups are also particularly good.  Located behind the University of Cuenca, near the stadium.

Open Tuesday – Saturday.

Remigio Tamariz Crespo, between Alfonso Borrero and Lorenzo Piedra.  Tel. 099-109-0691

Zatua Miski

Vegan pastry and coffee shop.  The desserts are amazing.  The menu also includes tasty sandwiches and waffles.  This is also a great place to pick up vegan treats to take home.

Open Monday – Saturday (lunch only).

Alfonso Moreno Mora 2-42 y Federico Proaño.  Tel. 099-817-9411

Za Za 360° Bar Lounge

Great place to relax and enjoy a cocktail.  Located on the top floor of the Itza Hotel.  Extensive cocktail list with signature cocktails.  Sandwiches, seafood, and ribs.  Panoramic views of the historic city center.

Open Monday – Sunday (evenings only).

Gran Colombia y Benigno Malo (corner), Itza Hotel (top floor).  Tel. 097-931-7747

Zircus Restaurant

Excellent food with a multi-cuisine menu.  The restaurant is modern with a genuinely nice ambiance.  The food is tasty and served with a nice presentation.  They offer outdoor seating with gas-jet heaters.  The restaurant is on the ground floor in the Zahir 360 hotel.  The prices are quite reasonable.

Open Monday – Sunday/dinner.

Av. del Estadio y Florencia Astudillo (Hotel Zahir 360).  Tel. 098-707-0070


This restaurant offers stunning 360⁰ panoramic views of the city.  This rooftop restaurant has glass domes of various sizes to encapsulate you for privacy or health safety.  The restaurant is on the top floor in the Zahir 360 hotel.  The prices are reasonable, and reservations are required.  It is recommended to stop by and make the reservation in person in the hotel lobby.  You will be required to make a deposit with your credit card or cash when you make the reservation.  The deposit will be applied toward your dining check.

Open Tuesday – Saturday.

Av. del Estadio y Florencia Astudillo (Hotel Zahir 360).  Tel. 098-707-0070