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Safety and Security

Personal Security

Cuenca is one of the safest cities in South America.  You will find police and security guards on most streets most of the time.  However, as in any other city, you should take certain common-sense precautions to be safe.  Although we have not experienced any trouble in the historic district, we particularly recommend that women do not go out alone late at night. 

Please follow these security precautions recommended by Ecuador’s Tourist Office:

  • Leave all important documents and valuables in the apartment.
  • When walking in the city, especially in crowded areas, wear your handbag, backpack, and camera on your front, instead of on your back.
  • When going out to bars, restaurants, cafés (Internet and otherwise) always keep your backpack in sight and in contact.
  • If you discover you have been sprayed with a liquid (like mustard or mayonnaise), do not allow anyone to help you clean the mess.
  • If someone approaches you more closely than you are comfortable with, take needed precautions (enter the nearest store or restaurant, or seek a police officer or security guard).
  • Never allow strangers into your hotel or other residence at any time.
  • At night, remain within several blocks of areas more commonly frequented by tourists.
  • Do not take any drink, food of objects from strangers.
  • If you need tourist information, it is best to ask at authorized sites.

Road Safety

Many of the roads and sidewalks in Cuenca are narrow.  Traffic, especially buses, travels fast and close to the curb, so we strongly recommend that you do not walk close to the sidewalk curb and, if necessary, let others walk on the road if they wish to pass you.  Do not trust traffic signals or zebra crossings, as these do not guarantee your right of way.  Ensure that it is safe to cross the road before taking the first step!

Local Phone

We provide a Samsung Galaxy J1 smart phone for making local calls.  Do not carry the phone in an outside jacket pocket where it will be a target for pickpockets.  Do not flash the phone around in public, and keep the phone hidden when not in use.

If you need assistance, you may call Cecilia Bogaard (099-066-8032).  Cecilia’s telephone number is stored under “Favorites” on the apartment cell phone we provide you.